Sunday, November 10, 2013

Breakaway by Lindsay Paige and Mary Smith!


Levi Carr is captain of the Roxboro University Lions hockey team. His rival is James Wayne University and their captain, Trevor McCarthy. After an incident in high school and his mother's death, Levi does whatever he can to make McCarthy's life a little harder. When leaving the rivaling campus one night, Levi meets one person who can unknowingly help him mess with McCarthy.

My one job in this is to mess with McCarthy's head and all it has done is mess with mine.

Presley McCarthy lives in the shadow of her twin brother, Trevor. After being separated when their parents divorced, all Presley heard about was Levi Carr being a bully to Trevor. Now in college, Presley is trying to be her own person, but when she meets Levi Carr, it all changes. But will the changes be good or bad?

He is nothing like my brother described. Maybe I've been wrong all along.



Sunny's Review:

I am not sure how or where I stumbled upon this book. I read this book a couple of weeks ago but have been so swamped I have not had time to put up a review. You all know how I feel about football players and baseball players (yes Jack Carter is still my #1 baseball player!) but I have not really read a lot of hockey books. Honestly, I know nothing about hockey. I think I might have to change anyways, I stumbled on this book and I think I read it in a night.

So Levi...I don't know what to say about him. I could not decide for the longest time what I felt for him. Part of me hated him because he was an immature jerk and was hanging onto high school b.s.  I mean honestly who has time for that? As you go through the book you get to see him grow and you also understand why he is holding on so tightly to stuff from several years ago. By the end of the book I was 100% on board with Levi. I am really hoping that he does not prove me wrong in Off the Ice (which is coming out soon!!!)

Presley...I really like her. She is smart and even though her parents always acted like she was 2nd best behind her twin brother she was not bitter. I don't know about you but I am pretty sure I would have some major resentment issues if my parents treated by siblings better than me. I mean wow...her dad is a major jerk!!  The fact that she is still best friends with Trevor and puts his feelings ahead of hers for part of the book is amazing. She does finally tell him that she is going to do what she wants and they do have some issues in the book but at the end of the day they are there for each other. I do like that Trevor does not like the way their parents treat Presley. I also like that he is so protective of her. I can't wait to see more in the next book.

I am giving this book 4.4 stars. I can't wait for the next one. This is one of those books that made me email the authors the next day. They were awesome and replied quickly! I am a nerd and one of my favorite parts of blogging is trying to get to know some of the authors. I love it when I really like a book and then the author is really nice and Lindsay and Mary fall into this category. I told them I know nothing about if Texas even has hockey and they answered with some teams for me to try and go see. It is on my bucket list for this year!

So I did stalk Lindsay & Mary's Facebook, Blog and Pinterest. So I put together some of the pics that they chose for Levi and Pres. So go get the book and be prepared for the next book Off the Ice!!!


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