Friday, March 29, 2013

Perfection by R.L. Matthewson

I got this book to read in between Into the Darkest Corner and Consequenses b/c I figured I would need a warm and fuzzy read.  I was correct...I definitely needed this book. I was not planning on it being so funny. I really enjoyed it. The best part is the book is told from both of the main characters POV. Trevor takes being an arrogant, self centered jerk to a whole new level and I love him. 

The book opens up with Zoe getting fired for finding a MAJOR problem at her office. Basically, was told she should have found the problem sooner. So she is upset goes home to contemplate how she is going to pay her bills and live until she finds another job. She gets home in the rain to find her neighbor (whom she thinks is the landlord's nephew) is parked in the center of the driveway so she has to park in the street, her window falls off the track so it is stuck down, she is starving and her shrirt was ruined by someone throwing tea on her earlier. She is in a VERY bad mood. She orders some takeout (that she can't afford) and goes to do laundry. Trevor(the landlord...he just has his aunt do the day to day paperwork stuff) is home and realizing that he has no food and can't order any takeout b/c he has been banned from everywhere that has delivery. As he is contemplating his situation Zoe's food shows up and being the jerk that he is he pays for it and takes it to his apartment. Zoe sees him and asks about it. He lies and says its his until she calls the restuarant and finds out it is hers. Needless to say the argument is hilarious until Trevor says one sentence that makes Zoe cry. After they talk through the walls for a while they begin to become friends. Trevor begins to have feelings for Zoe and proposes a "friends with benefits" situation until one of them meets someone they want to date. 

I like the fact that Zoe seems like a real girl. She is short and overweight. She talks about how she is constantly dieting and even when she does lose weight it comes back with a vengenance very quickly. I mean seriously we all know that feeling. Trevor is very clear in what he wants...typical guy wants the perfect tall, skinny gorgeous homemaker. It is funny to watch Trevor as he realizes that Zoe is actually what he wants. It is a total fantasy that the totally super hot guy will go for the overweight girl but hey...that's books are for!  I would give this book a 4 out of 5 starts. I think it is funny, sweet and entertaining. I am thinking that I want to read more from this author.


Adult Content Only

This is not for the Young readers. This is just us ranting about books. Not particular ones, but maybe the cliche's we see more often than not.

  • The Girl that is oblivious to Everything. Is that how we all were at 17-20 years old? Maybe a little. But come on! Less airheads, more cinical, dry humored girls. I want to relate! I want to hear a girl say stop feeding me that B.S. and leave me alone dude. They seem to fall into the hands of a hot guy. BTW-why didn't that happen to me! Where are these guys? I need to move. :-) Only if I found a 6'4, brown hair, blue eyed, hot body with a 6-pack when I was 18. Don't stop the hot guys, just the dumb girls!
  • Virgins! Need I say more? Not all girls lost there virginity when they met the hot guy at 20 years old. This may sound like I was a slore, however almost everyone I know lost it in High School. Too many raging hormones to pass up! I want to know where these girls are too? I have read a couple of books that talk about the first time they got it on, it sucked. Not literally dirty minds. Now that is real! Super awkward and it was not the most wonderful pleasure of their life. That is crap, it hurts.
  • The fun and hot best friend. I don't need a best friend that is skinny, tall, blonde and hot. Not all books are like this. But I have noticed that many are about a brown hair, short and curvy average girl. The BFF's are always better in the main characters eyes. Give those girls more confidence. They don't need to be brown haired. Be the fun, outgoing girl. But not a total Slore.

Everyone. Let me know what other things that you have just seen a little too much in books.

To All authors, don't take offense to any of the above. Please continue on with the hot sexy men. Me likey. Much love to you all. Despite what I said above, I still read the hell out of all of them.

This is Not For YA Readers

Darra and I read A LOT of books. They range from Young Adult books to must be over 18 to read books and everything in between.  We wanted to make sure that for our younger audience there are not posts about books that they should not read...The Dark Duet, anything by J.Lynn etc.  I realize that we are linking these blogs and that anyone can look at them but it makes us feel better. So hopefully this works...