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Barely Surviving by Courtney Cross


Barely Surviving by Courtney Cross
Genre: erotic romance 

He was captivating, scorching hot and wickedly tempting. The epitome of power and strength encased in the body of an angel and he had possessed me. Need for him coursed through my veins white hot and I had been incomprehensively burned”
Our connection had been instant, intense and all consuming, seriously unexplainable to most, but crystal clear to us.
 Jonah Jacobson was the summation of all my fears, nightmares and smouldering deep desire. After living a life that knew only pain, violence and fear inflicted by successful, power driven men, everything he signified should have repelled me but it didn’t.
The driving force of our bodies needing to merge was immediate from the day he walked into my life. I was beyond wealthy, heiress to millions, but inside I was a numb, empty shell that he saw. He saw what lay within, the poison that runs through my veins. He saw the real me. And still he wanted me anyway.
But I also had secrets. Secrets I believed, if they were to be released, would shatter both our lives and destroy the tangible pulse of vibrant male sexuality the other half of my soul required to live.
Jonah had his own torment to bear, his own tragedies and heartbreak to carry. Both tired of barely surviving, my biggest fear was if our secrets were to be unleashed and truths were told, the lifeline he gave me would break and so would my heart, Forever.
‘Barely Surviving’ is the first novel in a two part series that follows the lives of a career driven, sexually virile alpha male and a strong willed, sensual female. Their connection is instantaneous, sexually charged and highly electric. Both characters are products of tragic childhoods who struggle to shake the shackles of their past and begin to live in the present. In each other they discover the other half of their soul, the one person alive who calls to their bodies and minds like no other. Driven to stop ‘barely surviving’ and begin living, they attempt to put their pasts where they belong and merge into the world of the living with each other.

Time froze momentarily and my heart stopped pounding at the sight of the finest male specimen I had ever seen encased in ebony black leather.  Over 6ft tall and all things male, my breath stuttered at his appearance. Slightly long chocolate brown hair fell around his face, a delicious contrast against the collar of his brilliant white shirt. He had the deepest blue almost sapphire eyes framed by long dark lashes. His perfectly straight nose and strong set jaw set in light golden skin added to his inhumane sex appeal. The outline of a hard, muscular body strained enticingly against his black, expensively tailored three piece suit and matching tie. He radiated untamed power and raw dominance while exuding the confidence of a man who knew exactly what he wanted and just how to achieve it.
Attraction slammed through me hard, aggressive and instantaneous making my groin burn and sex clench, edging on painful. My now racing pulse kicked up and my chest tightened as rampaging hunger surged through me. Breathing became laboured, my lungs burned as they screamed for oxygen. The urge to fuck slammed into my core, the wetness at the apex of my thighs flaming the need. Two sweaty palms planted onto the table supporting my body as it bowed under the intensity. My clit grew hot and greedy, my nipples hard and swollen. Closing my eyes, vibrations of pure desire shook me, evoking a soft moan. Attempting to regain myself, I sucked in air which was dense and heavy with my aroused scent. Trying hard to gain focus, my eyes opened as his impenetrable gaze locked on mine. What flickered within those deep blues stabbed fear into me. He saw ME. He saw the real me in all my fucked up splendour.  His eyes pierced through mine, penetrating the shattered, black depths of my being that lay tightly hidden behind them and he saw everything. And still he continued to stare.

Courtney Cross is a 36 year old mother of three wonderful boys who earlier this year fulfilled a lifetime ambition by putting the workings of her dirty mind into her first erotic romance novel. She is an avid reader of many genres and when not reading or writing, she can be found hanging around football pitches watching her three sons indulge in their passion. With a love of all things erotic, thought provoking and emotionally charged as well as a believer in pushing boundaries, she hopes to be able to continue sharing the workings of her naughty mind with readers of her novels for a long time to come!
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