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Heaven Sent by Hilary Storm!!!


Heaven Sent Synopsis
The Rebel Walking Series continues with Taron and Ivy's story, Heaven Sent. The explosive chemistry that these two share ignites a relationship of epic proportions.

He has been dubbed 'the panty stealer', but Taron Walker has his eyes set on the beautiful, full of life, Ivy Adams. Ivy doesn't usually put up with the player type, yet there is something about Taron that has her intrigued. Taron must leave to go on tour with Rebel Walking and Ivy will be left to face serious struggles on her own. Will she reach out to Taron for help, or will she push him away? Can these two find happiness in each other's arms, or will they tear each other's world apart?

Darra's Review:

Well I think I have never had a book cover sum up what I write as my review. Taron will make you blush. If you have not read In a Heartbeat, you need to. That book(which so happens to be on our front page reviewed) is about Taron's twin, Talon and Eaven. This is Taron, the crazy sibling and Eaven's best friend, Ivy.
I was excited to read this book. I did love Taron and Ivy. They have the best comebacks and the best toasts. From book #1, the tension builds between the two of them. Finally in this book they give in and go all out. The sex That could be a story of its own. However there is a actual plot.
Dylan who was in the first book continues to harass Ivy and it gets out of control.
The band is going on tour, Ivy is being stalked, and all Taron wants to do is be with her. With all that goes on, Ivy is stuck on what is her next move.
I liked the book from beginning to end. I loved Talon but Taron is the polar opposite of his brother. However I love him just as much. Ivy is kickass and just the kind of girl you would like to go out and drink with.
I rate this book a 4.1. An excellent choice. :-)
Interview with Hilary Storm:
 What made you start writing?
      My daughter did. She is a very unique person. She loves to express herself through art and
      writing. She was playing around with a story and showed it to some friends. One of them said that it was terrible and that she could never be an author. My twelve year old little girl is very sensitive. I told her not to let ANYONE tell her she can't do something. Then I asked her who would be the last person on Earth that she would expect to write a novel. She said, me, of course. I was so career focused that anyone who knew me personally, thought I had lost my mind when I told them I was writing. I didn't have time for that and it confused everyone. Sooooooo I sat down and started writing, just to prove to my little girl that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. You know Woman power and all that!!
Had you always planned to write a New Adult novel?
       No, but I’m very glad I did!
           How did you come up with the characters? 
             The characters are based a little off of people I know and a lot of evolving development
             in my head.
What made you think of this story of Eaven and Ivy as best friends? 
      That part is based on real life.  I have a best friend of 26 years and their relationship mirrors ours in our younger years.
Did you plan to split the two brothers up into separate books? 
       Yes.  They are two completely different guys!
Taron is one of a kind! He has the best toasts when they party. How did you come up with that? 
       His ass is based off of one of my friends.  The muse for Taron is always the life of the party.  Crazy and hilarious!
Ivy had a crazy personality too. Did you always plan for those two to come together?
       Actually no, I thought they would need their own books because of how large their personalities were.  But in book 1 they kept sparking every time I wrote a scene with them in it.
           If you made another book based off another character in the book, who would I it 
be?  Please be  Holden! 
              Book 3 is Luke, Book 4 is Holden.  I’ve had requests for Aiden, so we will see! I will be writing a novella in Talon and Eaven’s POV before book 3 is released in Feb 2014/
Are you planning to include any more hot musicians? Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. 
      YES, of course!  Rebel Walking Series is hot!  I have people begging for more!
Do you plan to keep with the Adult books or interested in looking at other genres? 
      It will be adult books for me.  I cuss like a sailor and like to write steamy scenes.  There is no way I could real that in! 
Thank You for talking with us today! I loved both books equally. You definitely made us readers love the craziness of Taron and Ivy.




About the Author:


Hilary Storm lives with her high school sweetheart and three children in Enid, Oklahoma. She drives her husband crazy talking about book characters everyday like they are real people. She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University with an MBA in Accounting and has a full time job as an accountant. Her passions include being a mom, writing, reading, photography, music, mocha coffee, and spending time with friends and family. She is the author of the Amazon Best Selling 'Rebel Walking' series. Book one: 'In a Heartbeat' was released June 2013, Book two: 'Heaven Sent' was just released in September 2013.

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