Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Epilogue by CJ Roberts

I have been waiting on this book to come out FOREVER!!! In case you don't remember Darra recommended the Dark Duet series & it took me awhile to get on board but when I did I totally fell for Caleb (remember no JUDGING here!).


If you remember how Seduced ended there was an epilogue that basically said that they were living together and working on getting their lives together. This book is the time from when Caleb finds Livvie again until the epilogue of Seduced. this an AWESOME book b/c it is Caleb's POV and oh boi...if you thought he was crazy in the first 2 books...WOW!!!

If you are a 50 shades lover and think that Christian Grey was out there you seriously need to see what Caleb is up to. That is all I can really say. I love that Caleb is really trying to be who Livvie needs him to be but at the same time he is himself and has to think the insane thoughts.

Honestly this book is definitely a 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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