Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Conquer Your Love by J. C. Reed

Hello Ladies! I just read Conqer Your Love, the sequel to Surrender Your Love. Surrender Your Love was on sale for $.99 last week and so this book was only $2.99. Couldn't pass it up. We have heard great things about both books. The first book starts with Brooke, the main character needs to interview a large company owner and instead some Playboy shows up and says the guy won't show. She gets mad. The next day she is essenially fired from her job so she can get hired at the same company she was wanting to speak with. All questionable. Of course the Hot guy(Jett) that she met up with her in place of the boss ends up  actually being her boss. Did I forget she wakes up with hom next to her the first night they met? Kudos for her. She gets to travel to Italy for a two week stay to (work) the second day of work. As you can imagine, they have sex. When I say that, sweet baby they have some intense scenes. Which I am not opposed to. Ladies-meet Jett. He is not part of your book boyfriend list.

I have not went into major detail about the plot. There is actually a plot! The ending of the first book leaves it where you believe Jett is using her to make a deal on this property that has a lot of secrets behind it. In Conquer Your Love it is all about Jett trying to get back Brooke, the women he now loves. You find out that Brooke will be the owner of that same house. Jett followed to protect her. Everyone that is connected to the past of this house property is trying to kill her off. But Jett won't let that happen.
Jett is a Class A hotty. Bring it on! Super sexy(See 6-pack above), swagger, rich and has that jealously/manly protection thing over Brooke.
I am not a woman that likes to be claimed, however Jett will be an exception.

Go and read both books. And just a spoiler, there is a third book you and I have to wait for! I am so impatient!
Giving both a 4.3 

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