Sunday, June 2, 2013

Finally...The Full Review of The Blackstone Affairs

I am super late putting this up...but better late than never, right? I read all 3 books of the series, Naked, All In and Eyes Wide Open. These are fantastic books and I believe the last book is the best. It is the story of Brynne and Ethan. Brynne is a breath of fresh air. She sometimes has her moments but overall she is not a ditz. She has one of the worst backgrounds I have read. What happened to her was unimaginable and I would probably would have acted the same as her.
She moved to England from California to go to school. She is also a nude model. When she meets Ethan he happens to be the buyer of one of her photos. Is he hot. Absolutely!
I am going to brief all the books in this one review. So this whole story will mesh together.
Anyways, they become close immediately. Ethan is the epitome of the perfect guy(maybe not for Sunny, but for every other woman alive). Like I have said before, think of David Gandy, my book husband.
Both of them cannot keep away from each other. And I have to say this. I have read many books that would be considered scandalous. These books have to be on the top 5 list of the most sex occurring in the story. Not complaining. The way he is described makes me think he could be on my nonhuman(not of this real world) sex list. I would have died of exhaustion if I was Brynne. Lucky bitch!
Ethan is the owner of a security business and has been hired by Brynne's Dad to keep watch on her. This was all by chance. He didn't plan for him to fall for her. Her past is what Brynne's Dad is afraid that will catch up with her. He is trying to keep her from harm, which could go as far as her death.
Turns out that someone has been following her and was looking forward to killing her.
This will not happen when Ethan is alive. He became her savior when her past came to get her.

The overall jest of the books is a story of two people that have a dark past meet by chance and fall in love in the most intense way. Ethan's only goal is to keep Brynne from any harm and to have her as his own. There is a happily ever after here.
The one thing I was a little disappointed in was that the part where the whole story led up to kind of fizzled before it started. If I have to hear about a stalker, I want the fireworks, the drama. Not a single black cat going off. But like I said, happily ever after and I am a sucker for those books.

I would give these books a 4.4. I would read them again...For Ethan.

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