Wednesday, May 8, 2013


You may or may not know by now that Darra and I LOVE the Heller Series by JD Nixon. These books are so AWESOME it is not even funny. They are actually really funny and Tilly is just kind of a bumbling idiot but I would love to BE HER when I grow up!  Seriously! She gets into so much trouble and tries so HARD to get out of it but it usually just escalates and Heller has to step in...mmmmmmmmm Heller.  So Heller is LARGER than LIFE and I LOVE HIM!!! You have to read the books to understand the just OMG of him. I can't find words or pictures or anything....

So the point of this post...JD Nixon has been working on the 5th Heller book for a while and she posted the FIRST CHAPTER to her website!!!! I am so EXCITED! I can't wait for this book!  Normal Tilly antics from PAGE 1.  If you have not read this series...GET ON IT!!! JD doesn't charge for her first book so go to Barnes and Nobles, Amazon or Smashwords and get it. Just search HELLER!!!


PS-Don't judge this book by the cover!

If you have read all the Heller's and want to read Chapter 1 of Decision click the link below!

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