Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twisted Perfection! DANG YOU ABBI GLINES!


If you saw my post yesterday on the other page you know that I was not going to buy this book this week. I was holding off to decide if I really wanted to read it. Obviously, I wanted to b/c I started it last night around 9 and finished this morning at 2. I AM SOOOOOO TIRED TODAY--BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT!

If you have read Fallen Too Far and Never Too Far by Abbi Glines you know who Woods is. I loved him those books and was kinda excited he was getting his own book...but at the same time I was nervous b/c I personally don't like books based on others characters. I am always scared the character does not have enough (I can't find the correct word here) to make their own book. I should not have doubted Abbi Glines...Woods was the perfect amount of douche and AWWWWW. I really like Della too. 

Basically, we all know that Woods is working his way up his family business. He is trying to move from management in the country club to VP. If you paid attention during Blaire's story you saw that Woods did work and was not the pampered little rich boy that had everything handed to him on silver platter. His father will not promote him unless he shows his "dedication" to the family business by marrying to improve the family name and assets. He is supposed to propose to the long time family friend, Angelina. He doesn't want to but sees no other way to get the position he has worked his whole life for. Angelina is going to be the perfect trophy wife-blond, rich, well-bred and the Greystone name, but Woods really doesn't like her. 

Della meets Woods when she is passing through Rosemary on her way to "find herself."  She has never been alone or traveled and her best friend thinks this is a perfect time for her self discovery. Unfortunately (or fortunately-depends on how you look at it), she doesn't even know how to pump her own gas. Woods sees her and helps her. He also realizes that she would be the perfect one-night stand to get in before he really tries to make a go of it with Angelina. What Woods doesn't know is that Della is a lot more innocent than he realizes (no she does not have her V Card!-Thank you Abbi!). So after an amazing night together Della moves on. After several months, a friend tries to help her out and sends her to his hometown and calls in a favor from friend to give Della a job while she continues to find her place in the world.  Needless to say, unknown to Della or Woods they are going to be thrown back together...

Ok...I love Della. She is a tough girl that had a rough life. She doesn't complain and doesn't really want anyone to know what is in her past. She is a hard worker and is not looking for a hand out or a free ride. She goes with the flow and takes her punches and keeps on fighting. We know from the past books that Woods is really a sweet guy that will take of his friends. He works hard and doesn't expect to be handed anything either. It is one of the reasons I really like him...he could have been a spoiled jerk but he goes to work everyday and doesn't pass his work off on others. You can tell he actually cares about his family business. They both have their issues and have to work through them. I could not put this book down. I would say it is as good as Fallen Too Far. I am sure that I will reread it after I get through with a couple of other books. I promised myself I was not going to get this book and read it in one night (when I know work is going to be hell) but I did and I am pretty happy that I did...although I wish I was still reading right now...

I would give this book a 4.6 and totally recommend it. Go get it and read it and fall in love...


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