Monday, April 29, 2013

Review for The Vampire King Trilogy

As you saw we have read the latest installment of The Vampire Trilogy. Actually, I read all Three. The story starts with Brie becoming a domina after leaving her city as a sacrifice to prevent the two other girls from becoming one. She must leave the Quiet King and reunite with her husband and two children. The only person that can get her out is Samuel. A complex, super sexy vampire. Samuel can't get enough of Brie. He must have her. That is all I can say about Escape, book #1
In captured that came out in February starts again with Brie finding she has been replaced by her husband and two daughters. She decides to leave with Samuel. They must go back to the City to free all the other slaves and take down the King. The second books brings in more characters. Must importantly, Ian. You will come to love Samuel, despite his controlling but loving personality. Brie is his! I liked the second one because their is more action and brings more characters out. Most importantly Ian. You will freak at the end of this book. Total cliff hanger!
And installment #3, Freed. Wow. I think that my eyes bugged out and mouth dropped out. This is by far the best one out of the three. You can't help but feel for Samuel and Brie. The have gotten so far and the Queen takes her down. Samuel is changing into a king. Quite interesting how his body changes overnight. And it is because the need to protect Brie. Many more things happen that I can't tell you. But please know that this is ADULTS ONLY. This book took it to another level I have never been to. It will be burned into my memory forever. Half way into the book, you will find out why. This just came out, read it.
I recommend this Series, especially Freed. It really left me shocked and speechless. You have to read it and let me know what you think. I am going to say again WOW!
I give the book a 4.3. The overall series a 4.2.
Check it out once it comes out later.

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