Thursday, August 15, 2013

Too Fast by Alexia Haynes

Twenty-year-old Savannah enjoys a one-time one-night stand because a real relationship would never fit into her busy schedule. Working two jobs and pursuing her degree takes all of her time. Besides, the guys she has dated haven't been much better than the random barfly.

It's a good thing Luke's body is honed by the long hours of carpentry and construction because he carries the weight of his family on his shoulders. School hasn't been an option for him since he dropped out to make the house payments his mother had failed to make.

Luke finds what he's been longing for in a night with Savannah. She's determined to stop with a one-night stand, but he wants more. Neither can deny the perfection of their passionate interludes, but with such imperfect lives, do they have any chance for a future together? Suddenly she's losing her heart and it's all happening much too fast.
I like the way this book just goes right into the plot. Immediately you like Savannah. She is upbeat, realistic, interesting and obviously has fun. Don't think I am saying she is a (a word that rhymes with bore), she actually seems to be realistic. I think every girl understands where she is coming from. From the moment you see Luke laying on her bed, you love him! He is awesome! Absolutely sexy, he takes care of his family and affectionate. Really affectionate in multiple locations.
They have to be together is all I thought. I am a sucker for a happy ending. I was a little bit nervous with the whole craziness of his mother. But overall I was happy with the ending. I do look forward to seeing more about Savannah's best friend and the drummer in another book.
I would give this book a 4.0. Luke is perfect! 

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