Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rules of Harte by Brook Harris!!

Evangeline Andrews doesn’t want him, but she needs him. Julian Harte doesn’t need anyone, but he wants her. 

Eva has been passed over her whole life. A happy home, men, fashion sense…it all eludes her. She’s run away from New Jersey to find sanctuary in Dublin. But the office bitch, a nymphomaniac best friend and the nice-guy-she’s-just-not-sure-about all threaten to complicate things. 

The company social event of the year is looming. Everyone who’s anyone in the office will be at the masquerade ball. Eva has been invited, well, instructed to attend by her mysterious boss - or else. But she can’t go alone. 

Enter Julian Harte, a sexy escort with a fascination for games. Eva is about to learn the rules are complicated and Julian doesn’t do losing. 

Will Eva’s thick skin be enough to protect her when all the masks come down? Or will she discover she’s not the only one wearing more than one mask? 

Let the games begin.


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Sunny's Review:

This book was really pretty good. You get to see how a very shy and unsure girl trying to find herself. She does but with the help of Julian. He is an escort and offers to take her to her company ball. They plays games and start to get to know each other. You have to love Julian for just being a total alpha male and getting Eva to realize that she is great. He was very into Eva's needs and would not let her rush into anything. I am interested to see what happens next.

This book is very hot and definitely for adults! If you want a super hot read then look no further. I am giving this book 4 stars out of 5.

About Brook Harris:

Brooke has too many of a lot of things; shoes, books, and kids. Luckily she loves them all to pieces. She never has too much wine, if you believe that.

Rules of Harte is her debut into the steamy stuff and she's currently working on the second book in the series.





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